Yellow Birch Board with Ends Capped with Beech


Solid pieces of Yellow Birch have been laminated together to create this hefty butcher block. The ends have been capped with solid pieces of hand selected beech wood with finger grips. This board measures 21 inches long by 11 ¼ inches wide by 1 ½ inches thick.

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Additional Info

A hefty Butcher Block board made from hand selected, solid pieces of yellow birch make this board a reliable piece to do some serious cutting or chopping. And to make this board even more solid, the ends are capped with solid pieces of Beech, native to Vermont. The end caps have finger grooves for better gripping of this solid and reliable butcher block. Yellow Birch, also is native to Vermont. The wood colors and grains combined as a single board make it quite unique. The board has been hand sanded and finished with multiple applications of quality hard Tung oil finish which brings the grain detail of the wood to a handsome brilliance.


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