USB Speaker made from Curly Maple and Bocote Wood


A USB Speaker like no other. This custom made USB Speaker is constructed from select pieces of Curly Maple and Bocote wood. The dimesions of the speaker are 6 x 6 x 5 ½.

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Additional Info

This uncommon but extraordinary looking speaker is a wireless USB Speaker, unlike many that are available. This is a one of a kind comprised of some really exceptional pieces of gorgeous looking grained, hand selected pieces of hardwood. Curly Maple, which is native to Vermont and Bocote, which can be found in Eastern Africa. Not your usual combination, but they complement each other quite perfectly. The speaker's electrical components are powered by a rechargeable battery as with most USB devices. A USB cable is included in order to recharge your device. And the sound that comes from a 1 7/8 inch speaker in the box is simply incredible. Of course the sound produced is also directly related to the size of the space inside the speaker box. On the side opposite the speaker is an On/Off button. Press and hold til it beeps and an LED illuminates blue. Now it is On. Press and hold the button again; another beep sounds and the LED no longer illuminates. Now the speaker is Off. The LED illuminates Red while charging. Once your USB speaker has been charged, simply disconnect the USB cable and sync with your USB electronic Bluetooth device. The rich and luxurious finish on the wood is due to hand sanding to a very smooth finish as well as multiple applications of Quality, hard Tung oil was applied with sanding between coats.


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