Solid maple, Cheese Board/ Wineglass Serving Board


This cheese board is made specifically to have with a relaxing glass of wine. The board is made from a single, solid piece of solid, hard maple, found local in Vermont. The dimensions of this board are 12 ½ inches long by 8 inches wide by 1 inch thick.

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Additional Info

It must be Wine time! And when you enter the room carrying this unique cheese and wine board with a delicious and overdue glass of wine, whomever is at the receiving end will definitely be ready! A special way to present your favorite cheese and wine to your family and friends. This board is designed to hold at least 2 wine glasses in the slot incorporated into this board. The thumb hole allows the presenter (the person serving) a way to hold and deliver a lovely glass of wine, cheese or whatever you prefer. This board has been hand sanded to a very smooth finish. With multiple applications of Quality, hard Tung oil applied and sanding between coats, a nice gloss finish is the result. Not to mention how it brings out the beautiful grain in this hand selected piece of Vermont Hard maple.


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