Solid Ash, Wine Bottle/Glass Holder


This unique looking device is a Wine bottle/ Wine Glass Holder. It is made out of a solid piece of Ash. It is 13 inches long and 4 inches wide at its widest point by ½ inch thick. It will hold wine glasses with stems up to about 3/8 inches in diameter.

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Additional information

Additional Info

A single piece of hand selected Ash has been used to create this delicate looking Wine Bottle/ Glass Holder. It has been transformed and shaped into this very unique shaped Wine Bottle/ Glass Holder. It is designed to set over the top of your favorite bottle of wine. Simply set the center hole over the bottle of wine. It balances quite nicely. Now you can place your wine glasses, bottom side up, into the slots at either end of the holder. You are ready to serve your guests. This item would make an exceptional gift!. It has been hand sanded to a very smooth finish. Then, multiple applications of a Quality hard Tung oil finish were applied with sanding between coats resulting in a very nice satin finish.


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