Set of 4 Spalted Hard Maple, Graduated Tumblers


This set of Hard Maple tumblers are the perfect gift. The wood grain is absolutely beautiful. The spalted markings are incredible. There are not a lot of markings, but enough to make each one unique with personal identification. This closely matched set of spalted hard maple tumblers includes a set of 4, each with a slightly different (graduated if you will) size. From tallest to shortest #1 – 4 3/8 inches tall; 3 ¼ top inch diameter. #2 – 4 inches tall; 3 ¼ inch top diameter. #3 -3 ¾ inches tall; 3 ¼ inch top diameter. #4 – 3 5/8 inches tall; 3 1/8 inch top diameter.

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Additional information

Additional Info

The grain and markings on this closely matched set of spalted maple tumblers is so impressive, that the Spalting almost appears as if each one has been delicately hand painted. You will not find another set like this anyplace. These Made in Vermont tumblers have been individually hand turned to match in size and shape as closely as possible. After turning, they are sanded to an extremely smooth finish and then sealed with a food grade quality hard Tung oil Finish. Multiple applications of the Tung oil sealer provide the high gloss finish on this handsome set of tumblers. The heirloom quality of this set would be a magnificent gift to that special someone.


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