Large Clip Board, 200+ Year Old Oak-2


A clipboard with style and originality. This one of a kind 200+ Year Old Oak Clipboard is destined for your desktop. It has the dimensions of  is 10 ¾ inche long by 8 ¾ inches wide by ½ inch thick.

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Sometimes there are wood products that are created which have an extraordinary kind of story behind the selection of wood used to forge its distinction. This Oak Clipboard made from 200+ year old oak has that distinction. The board is comprised of 2 solid pieces of Reclaimed Oak that have been carefully laminated together in a single piece. The Reclaimed Oak came from a building originally built in the late 1800's somewhere in the Northeastern part of the US. How awesome would it be to have an item on your desktop that is over 200 years old? One can clearly see the difference in the grain of the wood from that time vs an oak tree grown and acquired for milling today. Not to mention the special markings in the wood where it had previously been used in a building structure which gives it that extraordinary character. A brass clip has been fastened to the top with brass screws for a very luxurious look and feel. Once these hand selected pieces of oak have been laminated together, the board milled and hand sanded to a very smooth and sleek finish. Multiple applications of Quality, hard Tung oil has been applied with sanding between coats, resulting in a beautiful high gloss finish.


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