Hard Maple Board with “Home Sweet Home” pyrography


Solid maple wood pieces local to Vermont are laminated together resulting in this hand crafted butcher block board. This item measures 10 ½ inches long by 7 inches wide by 1 ¾ inches thick. “Home Sweet Home” pyrography is burned in by hand.

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What a nice way to brighten up your kitchen or anywhere in your home for that matter. When you display this warming and alluring "Home Sweet Home" butcher block made from native Vermont maple hardwood. A must have essential item in every kitchen is some sort of cutting board. Why not something handmade, Made in Vermont, made in the USA? If not in your kitchen, consider a wall or a shelf to display this inviting, charming and admirable looking exhibit to all whom enter your home. This Butcher Block is hand made from hand selected Maple, local to Vermont. As with all items made by Wayne's Wood Originals, no two butcher block boards are alike. Each piece of wood used is individually planed, shaped and assembled by hand. The board is sanded to a fine finish. The pyrography has all been hand burned. The board is then hand sanded again to a smoother finish and then sealed using a food grade mineral oil blend. When the oil has dried to the touch, it is hand rubbed with a single application of Wayne's Wood Originals own "Wood Vigor".


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