Custom, Rustic Framed, 16 x 20 Metal Print of Hazen’s Notch Road, Lowell, VT


A photograph I hope that even Ansel Adams could admire. An autumn day at the top of Hazen’s Notch Road in Lowell, Vermont. The photograph has been mounted and framed using repurposed wood in order to enhance the outdoor Fall look that Vermont has an amazing way of displaying.

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Additional Info

One of my favorite spots to photograph throughout the 4 seasons. However, Fall always seems to portray some of the warmest and richest colors I can ever capture, whether it be on film or digitally. Also one of my favorites! The setting is off the Hazen's Notch Road between Lowell and Montgomery, Vermont. Hazen's Notch Road, once referred to as the "Bayley Hazen Military Road" in the late 1700's. So, I finally decided to have it enlarged printed on metal so that I could share such a rare and special setting. When I framed it I also wanted a bit of a different look, so I chose some repurposed wood that would also enhance its rustic look. The wood appears rough but has a very smooth surface which has been sealed using a quality, hard Tung oil.


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