Black Cherry and Plum Wood Mallet


This one of a kind Mallet with the head made from a solid piece of Black Cherry, and the handle made from a single branch from a plum tree, is about as unique as you can get. The mallet is 10 inches in length. The head is 4 inches in width with a diameter of 2 inches.

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Additional Info

A mallet like this can only be found right here at Wayne's Wood Originals. Not much is wasted around here when it comes to select pieces of hardwood. The handle on this mallet comes from a plum tree growing in our perennial garden. The limb had been broken off during a storm. I knew it would make a beautiful handle for something. It was hand turned on the lathe, leaving some of its live edge for a bit more character. In addition, the head of this mallet made from Black Cherry also has a bit of live edge revealing on one side. The beautiful wood grain in both pieces complement each other very nicely. This mallet would make a really nice gift. It has been completely hand sanded to an ultra smooth finish and then sealed with multiple coats of hard Tung oil. The gloss finish is absolutely incredible.


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