5 ½ Inch Spalted, Hard Maple Bowl


A Rare and Hard find, (no pun intended). This maple bowl has been hand turned out of this spectacular piece of Hard, Spalted maple, knots included. The diameter of this bowl is 5 ½ inches.

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Additional Info

The detailed spalted grain in this incredible, hand selected piece of spalted Hard Maple is a rare find. You will not come upon a hand turned bowl with the Spalting like this anywhere. Furthermore, this one is from Vermont, home of the Sugar Maple. This bowl was hand turned, then sanded to an extremely smooth finish. It has been sealed with a food grade quality hard Tung oil Finish. Multiple applications of the Tung oil sealer provide the beautiful luster finish on this stunning spalted hard maple bowl. The magnificence and uniqueness of this bowl would be an Awesome contribution anyone that collects wooden bowls, or just a special gift to that special someone who appreciates nice things.


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