200+ Year old Oak, Solid Rafter Cutting Board


Wow! This Oak Rafter sure cutting board is some rugged! It is made from a rustic, reclaimed piece of 200+ Year Old Oak. What Character? This one of a kind Oak Rafter Cutting board measures  17 inches long by 8 ½ inches wide by 1 ¼ inches thick.

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Some items that are created have character, but this item is exceptional. And it has a bit of a story behind this hand selected piece of 200+ year old Oak. This remarkable piece of what was at one time an Oak Rafter, came from a roof Rafter that once held up part of a roof in a building originally built in the late 1800's somewhere in the Northeastern part of the US. How many people can say they own a 200 year old cutting board? Wow! Unbelievable! You can definitely see the difference in the grain of this old piece of oak vs the wood grain of an oak tree grown and harvested today. Not to mention the special markings in the wood where it had previously been used as part of a roof structure, which gives it sort of an intriguing existence. Once the cutting board was shaped, a thumb hole was added to enable its ease of use. The board was then hand sanded to a very smooth finish. Multiple applications food grade mineral oil blend were then hand rubbed into the wood. When the oil had dried to the touch, it was hand rubbed with a single application of Wayne's Wood Originals own "Wood Vigor".


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