11 ½ Inch Tall Maple Goblet


This ornate looking Maple Goblet has been hand hand turned on a lathe with an unmistakable specific shape in mind. Sometimes the wood tells you as you are turning it just what shape it will be.The Goblet is about 11 ½ inches tall and 3 ½ in diameter.

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Additional Info

If you have ever done any wood turning, and you start out with a piece of wood and a shape and product in mind. However, somewhere along the way, the piece of wood suddenly changes your mind completely as a check or crack in the wood decides to show up or a piece of wood comes flying off. Suddenly, the wood is a completely different shape for the product intended. Now you have a Goblet instead of a Bowl. That's the way is goes sometimes in the wood turning process. With that said, this very elegant looking Goblet has a very handsome wood grain to it. This maple goblet can actually be used for drinking beverages. And with the proper care and cleaning, it continue to be used for many years to come. While the Goblet was still on the lathe, it was sanded to a very smooth finish and then the sealed and finished with multiple applications of food grade safe hard Tung oil finish.


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