11 ½ Inch Black Walnut Knife with Spalted Maple Handle


This custom hand shaped wooden knife is uncommonly unique. The blade is made from Black Walnut and the handle from Spalted Hard Maple. Both hardwoods are native to Vermont. The knife measures from blade tip to handle at 11 ½ inches long.

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Additional Info

Walnut is a hardwood native to Vermont which brings in a pretty good price as it is considered one of the most valuable in North America. It has a beautiful rich and dark color and sometimes having some lighter grains. It is a great selection as a knife blade as the hardwood holds a nice smooth edge. When oiled properly the walnut hardwood will maintain a fairly good edge when shaped as a knife blade. Of course it isn't expected to be used for cutting steak, however, it can be used for things such as butter, soft cheeses or even cutting cheese at room temperature. It may be considered more of a novelty to some. The knife and handle have been hand shaped and sanded to a very sharp edge with smooth surfaces. It was then sealed using a food grade mineral oil blend. When the oil has dried to the touch, it is hand rubbed with a single application of Wayne's Wood Originals own "Wood Vigor".


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