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Every Item is an Original.

No two pieces of furniture, cutting board, cribbage board, plaque or custom order items are the same. Every piece of wood used is individually planed, shaped and assembled by hand. Then each handcrafted piece is sanded and finished in my workshop.

I am quite particular when it comes to wood selection for each item. Most items made are of hardwood of various species from Vermont. Wood selections most used include Sugar maple, Birdseye maple, Tiger Maple, Soft maple, Curly maple, Spalted maple, Black Cherry, Yellow Birch, Butternut, Black Walnut, Oak, Beech, Ash and Apple wood to name a few. Occasionally I will use some exotic woods such as Zebrawood, Padauk, Rosewood, Wenge and purple heart also to name a few.

When it comes to creating heirloom quality products, careful planning and creativity come into play in order to find the right piece of wood with the right kind of markings or even spalting, along with a particular grain of the wood for the project or piece. This selection process is what really creates the originality and rusticity of each piece.

Cutting boards or butcher block boards are generally finished with a food grade quality mineral oil. Other items have a tung oil type of finish on them. Once a piece is either oiled or finished and dry, a hand rubbed coating of “Wood Vigor” is applied to the wood surface.

Custom Orders/ Customization and Wood Burning

Many items that are already in stock have some sort of wood burning (pyrography) incorporated into the piece. However, not all items have wood burning included. Any item that is presently available can be customized with additional pyrography inscriptions or images. This allows for special or unique gift to be created. Using pyrography, this personalization is permanently burned into the wood by hand using various pyrography tools and tips.

Typically, you may provide an image or text message (wood burning instructions) to be added to the item selected and a Customization Quote will be provided in return email or text message.

In addition, a customized piece with a select type of wood can also be provided. In other words, a completely customized piece along with wood burning may also be ordered. This would also require a Customization Quote. (Image Samples will be provided);

Once the quote is complete and accepted, a pdf or jpg image proof will be provided to the customer prior to completing the custom order.

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Wood Vigor – Care and Maintenance

“Wood Vigor” is a product made by Wayne’s Wood Originals consisting of a blend of Food Grade Mineral Oil, Organic Bees Wax, Lemon Grass essential oil and Pure Orange essential Oil. This paste blend leaves the wood feeling soft and smooth and a fragrance of fresh citrus. When reapplied frequently, the brilliance of the grain of the wood will appear renewed. This product is safe to use on surfaces that come in contact with food.

2-ounce jar is shown in photo

Wood Vigor is available in 2 different sizes:
1-ounce glass jars @ $9.00 each
2-ounce glass jars @ $15.00 each

Learn more about how to clean and care for wood products!

Reviews from My Happy Customers

Moment my wife and I walked into his trailer full of product, I fell in love with Wayne’s work. Beautiful, unique; he has made wood into artwork. Whether it’s his already made items or something custom for you, there’s no one else I would go to!

Jonas Sanborn

Jonas Sanborn

Love my monogrammed cutting board ! It’s the highlight of my kitchen! THANK YOU WAYNE!

Ian Flannery

Ian Flannery

Everything Wayne does is beautiful, his prices reasonable and craftsmanship is out of this world!

Bob Theriault

Bob Theriault

Wayne does beautiful work on everything he makes. From cutting boards to wine caddy’s and cribbage boards. His art makes beautiful gifts for the holidays, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and house warming gifts. You can have things custom made to make that special person in your life’s gift extra special to them. Thanks again Wayne the custom made cutting board that we had you make is absolutely beautiful.

Angel Richardson

Wayne was so easy to work with and I LOVE the cribbage board! Ordered on Saturday evening and had it this afternoon! Absolutely beautiful product!

Ashlynn Fratoni

Ashlynn Fratoni